OK, you're here, so why is there no site - no podcasts - just a placeholder page?

Well, seems like this site has become a target for Chinese bots. Every time I try to put it up, they swarm the site with hits, bringing everything down. It's gotten so bad that my hosting company shuts me off each time I try to bring the thing back up. I've tried every recommendation that they have for running a Wordpress site under this kind of attack, but nothing has worked. So, all the content is still here, I just have to figure out some other way to get the archival issues out to the world.  The live shows are still on BlogTalkRadio.com The video episodes are on Vimeo too. So, it's all out there, it's just not together in one place.

In the meantime, I've started working on an iPhone and iPad app where you can play them to your hearts content. If you're a photographer and would like something developed for your content - education, workshops, etc., please connect with me via the social media links below, or my programming website at www[dot]embella[dot]com or just email me at dwarner[at]embella[dot]com.

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Dave Warner

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